About Us


The James Bay Association for Community Living is based in the small muskeg town of Mooosnee. Established in 1980, we are somewhat of an outpost providing services and programs across the northern fringe of Ontario for individuals with a diverse range of developmental conditions. We are the smallest and most isolated Association for Community Living in the province, there being no all season road linking us to the network of southern highways.

Our logistics are challenged by our geography. A seemingly simple task such as taking someone to a medical appointment may, depending on the season, entail a trip on either a helicopter, a small plane, a boat, or perhaps a ski-doo taxi. For groceries we rely on regular weekly shipments delivered by the Ontario Northland Railway.

The winters of the north are long and can be brutally cold but as well afford some welcome opportunities, the simplification of travel being one. The ice roads connecting neighbouring communities make travel less arduous and, for as long as our roads are paved with snow, transport is smooth, clean, and dust free. Social activities also pick up during the frozen months as visiting friends and neighbours is that much easier.

100% of the people we support are members of First Nation communities in the James Bay region, ranging from Moose Factory to Peawanuck. All of our programs are tailored to the personal and cultural preferences of the individuals we support.

Our long distance location away from black top highways, public transport, shopping malls, and the general convenience expected in bustling southern hubs makes recruitment and retention of staff an interesting exercise. That being said, our current team emanate from a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds, having successfully transitioned from urban centres in the south to a quieter life beside the Moose River. It has been our experience that if a person travels north for employment but does not like what they see or experience upon arrival, then they will soon be gone. In contrast, if a person adapts to, and enjoys a northern life, chances are they will remain and flourish. So it has been for many of our present staff.

Challenges aside, our provision of care and support for individuals in the developmental sector continues to be a rewarding and worthwhile occupation. We remain committed to offering consistent service and creative solutions.

Management & Supervisory Staff

Mark Storey, Executive Director

Keren Jardino, Supported Group Living - A/Program Supervisor
Mark Storey, Community Participation Supports - Program Supervisor



Please view our Governance Policies here.

For a link to our Complaints Process, please see GOV 8.0 in our Governance Policies.


Financial support is provided by:

  • The Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • Private donations
  • Fees for services
  • Fundraising


James Bay Association for Community Living provides services and supports to individuals with an intellectual disability and their families, throughout James Bay area. Founded in 1979 by a group of residents concerned with the lack of services available locally.