Community Participation & Support

People who live in the community may offer an adult with a developmental disability the support they need to become more involved and integrated into the public community. These supports can include things such as:

  • Friendship and social together
  • Playing and participating in sports activities together
  • Getting involved with a house of worship or participating in spiritual activities
  • Trying a hobby or community activity such as gardening
  • Meet with other adults who have similar needs and interests as part of a group program in the community
  • Help developing self-help skills with things like: learning to brush teeth, get dressed, ride the bus and go shopping in order to become more independent
  • Continuing to learn after high school, taking a course, volunteering, using public libraries or participating in activities at a community centre
  • Help with Volunteer activities or to prepare for a job i.e. practising work-related tasks or skills to succeed at work or as a volunteer

For more information on how to apply for Community Participation Supports please contact:

Mark Storey -, 705-336-2967

To apply for services please visit:

Developmental Services Ontario North East Region (DSO)