Facilitation & Planning

James Bay Association for Community Living is committed to the belief that each person has the right to be acknowledged as an individual and the right to have one's talents, needs, aspirations and choices recognized and fulfilled by promoting and advocating for opportunities of active involvement in community life.

Person Directed Plans are completed on an annual basis. They are monitored continuously and can be changed or amended at any time. The overall outcome we hope to achieve is to encourage the people who are receiving services to take ownership of their lives and planning. The staff, family and volunteers will take direction from the person and respect and assist (if necessary) all decisions and activities that affect their life.

During the planning meeting, the Facilitator will make every effort to educate people about their rights and responsibilities. The person will get a copy of their plan and will decide who else will get a copy. For people with limited literacy skills, the computer program “Writing with Symbols” can be used to help communicate their plan to people involved in their lives.