Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a planned process to ensure that the quality of services provided enhances the quality of life for people that we support.

Quality is determined by the people using our services, the values of our organization, and the legislated standards of service. Therefore our services must be knowledgeable of what people want, must be deeply rooted in the values of the organization, and must be knowledgeable about legislative requirements.

Quality Assurance is a process of defining, measuring, and improving quality. The process begins by determining what areas, through measurement, require enhancement and an increased responsiveness of service. Quality Assurance determines, suggests, and may execute the necessary training, process, or planning required in achieving the defined quality.

Quality Assurance ensures accountability to the values of the organization and uses the ABC's of Enhancing a Person's Life;

  • Ask the people/families what they want
  • Be responsive to their goals
  • Check to see if people/families are still getting what they want

Quality Assurance Means…

  • Staff in the organization have a clear understanding of who the person really is
  • Having a long term commitment to each person's well being
  • Meeting the fundamental needs of people
  • Assisting people in personal growth and development as well as their personal lifestyle interests
  • Assuring personal empowerment so that people are enabled to act of their own free will instead of being dependent upon the influence of others
  • People exercise control over their lives
  • Supporting people to find themselves
  • Supporting people to have valued roles
  • Safeguarding individual vulnerabilities
  • Promoting the use of natural supports in meeting personal needs
  • Promoting the use of generic services
  • Promoting personal memberships in community groups
  • Helping people find meaning in life