Brewer's Retail Bottle Agent

Liquor and Beer Bottle Returns

Our hours of operation - Monday's from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Please call to confirm as the drop-off location can change.

We also have pick-ups for a small charge on Tuesday's - to arrange a pick-up please call 705-336-2967.

James Bay A.C.L., in business with Brewer’s Retail for over thirty years.

Our business relationship with Brewer’s Retail was established in 1980. Over the years as an OBD (Ontario Bottle Dealer) we have consistently processed and provided refunds for all beer bottles, cans and liquor bottles sold at our local beer and liquor store in Moosonee.

Though the business is perennial in nature the winter months are the busiest. It is then the ice roads linking us to neighbouring communities facilitate the return of empties from the island of Moose Factory and as far away as Kashechewan. There being no all season roads linking us to the South all of our empties are first processed then loaded onto boxcars and shipped via the Ontario Northland Railway to the Beer Store in Cochrane. They are then loaded onto trucks and sent to Brampton and Mississauga to be either re-used or recycled.

On average we ship ten boxcars a year, each containing approximately two tons of aluminum beer cans,

a few tons of glass bottles and large quantities of plastic liquor bottles. The work, most of which occurs outside in all seasons, provides consistent, well paid employment for members of our community.

Hours of Operation:

Monday 9am to 4pm, for regular returns.

Tuesday 9am to 4pm, for pick-up services: call 705-336-2967.

When statutory holidays fall on Mondays, generally, Tuesdays become regular return days

and Wednesdays will become pick-up service days.