Respite Services

Respite Services are offered through the residential services of James Bay Association for Community Living. Currently there is one (1) adult respite beds that may be accessed by community participants. The home is staffed according to the needs of the participant's residing there, and therefore, the respite guest would be selected based on suitability and compatability. The length of the respite guests' stay varies and is arranged on a case by case basis. The fees charged for each night's stay are the responsibility of the respite guest and will be billed at the beginning of the following month. Currently the fees for an adult are $30.95 for 24 hours of respite care. All respite guests enjoy the same access to activities, care, and support as those living in the homes.

Respite bookings may be done no more than 2 months in advance, although special considerations may be made to accommodate future planning for extended trips, medical care, special occasions etc. Please note that the home is generally not staffed during the day Monday to Friday. In these circumstances all potential respite guests wishing to access respite during the week would need some form of day programming in place.

To obtain access to JBACL's respite services, the potential respite guest would need to be registered with the Developmental Services Ontario North East Region (DSO) and the DSO would need to forward the referral to the Supported Group Living Program Supervisor of this agency. Arrangements will then be made for an interview and tour of the group home to determine the candidate's suitability and level of care required. Please note that occasionally the wait for a tour can be several weeks from the time the respite guest receives contact from the Supported Group Living Program Supervisor.

For further respite information within the region please refer to

If you would like more information about eligibility and the access process for this service or to determine if these respite services may meet your needs, please contact the Supported Group Living Program Supervisor here at James Bay Association for Community Living or the local DSO offices at 1-855-376-6376 Toll free and ask to speak with a Respite Intake Coordinator.