Supported Group Living

James Bay Association for Community Living desires to be responsive to the residential requirements for adults who live with a developmental disability. Our residence is total support and managing of daily living needs on a 24/7 basis. All referrals for any services offered through James Bay Association for Community Living are processed through the Developmental Services Ontario North East Region. JBACL staff are not able to accept referrals from any other source, however; we would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding any of our services. We always like to hear from you so don't hesitate to give us a call and share your thoughts, ideas and questions.

Below is a listing and description of the various options found in our residential services. We are very proud of the diversity and choices that these offer. We hope you are too!

James Bay Association for Community Living has one (1) group homes located in Moosonee. The residence capacity is seven (7) permanent placements, we are currently at capacity.

The home is staffed and designed to meet needs in areas such as life skills, social skills and behavioural supports. Some of the homes are more specialized and provide specific supports such as:

  • ability to respond to more physical and health related needs
  • communication systems such as picture boards
  • safety systems such as door alarms to prevent wandering

The goals of group living are:

  • to provide residential accommodations and training for adults with developmental disabilities
  • to respond to the needs of individuals and their families who require this option for people with a developmental disability who are not able to consider independent community living
  • to provide specialized care for people whose severity of disability limits their accessibility to appropriate services through other networks
  • to provide adults with a comfortable and safe home that allows them to continue to connect with their families, to be involved with their community and have the option to move out of their parent's home as they become adults